photoWelcomeFranchise Style profits: Add $1000 – $5000 PROFIT per week to your business

Rosie’s is an “add-on” business that aims to provide small food and takeaway businesses with the tools necessary to compete with the big franchises like McDonalds and KFC. It is a concept that has become increasingly popular Australia-wide, while the Rosie’s brand has continued to grow into a recognised and respected one.

The Rosie’s experience essentially builds another business into and alongside your existing business and provides a visual overhaul of the whole operation, both internally and externally.

Suitable for all clean, well-run, takeaway food businesses including café’s, bakeries, delicatessens, fish ‘n’ chip shops, food courts, universities and general takeaways.

Now having completed over 100 system installations nation-wide and growing rapidly, Rosie’s continues to pave the way for small businesses looking to be competitive in the fast food industry.


This website is targeted at business owners and entrepreneurs interested in the possibility of purchasing a Rosie’s system for their business. For those interested in trying Rosie’s or finding an outlet nearby, we recommend visiting our page on Facebook (named Rosie’s Chicken) for assistance in that regard. “Like” us on Facebook here..

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